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How To Look After Your Faux Flower Accessories

In this day and age we all want things to last right?? So here are a few tips and tricks to make yout items last longer.

Here at Ollie & ivy we predominantly use silk flowers in our designs, and these can be delicate.... so if you follow these few simple do's and don't we hope you will be wearing your items in years to come!


General Care.

So Whilst wearing your fascinator, clip or hat, we recommend that the items are not worn in the rain or snow. Some items are hand dyed and we cannot always guarantee that the colour will not run onto other flowers or other materials. The water may also cause some flowers to loose their shape.

We also recommend not wearing the items for prolonged time in the sun as sunshine is known for fading the delicate colours of the silk flowers.

If you decide to remove your item, please store it somewhere where it cant get squashed. When you are at a venue this can be tricky, but it is really difficult to revive a sat on hat!

Storing your item.

When you have returned from your even we recommend storing your fascinators away. It would be ideal to store it in a box in a cool dry place.

We recommend storing it in a dry area away from direct sunlight. A hat box would be ideal.

Cleaning your Item.

We don't recommend trying to clean paper flowers that are on some of our clips. We also do not recommend washing the flowers with any type of water.

Dust can be removed from faux leaves and petals using sticky tape or blowing air directly on to th surface.

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